The Glass Recycling Foundation (GRF) is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to provide and raise funds for localized and targeted assistance, demonstration and pilot projects that address gaps in the glass recycling supply chain across the United States.

Glass Recycling Foundation - Our Vision

Our Vision

To increase recycling through education and best practices to ensure the highest benefit for communities and the environment.

Glass Recycling Foundation - Our Mission

Our Mission

To promote the preservation of the environment through glass recycling through education, grant making and creating pilot programs for effective glass recycling working in collaboration with other trade organizations in the glass recycling value chain.

About the Glass Recycling Foundation

About the Glass Recycling Foundation

Founded in 2018, GRF is a 501(c)(3) that has the ability to partner with resources like the Glass Recycling Coalition, The Recycling Partnership, and regional recycling groups to pinpoint areas where the GRF’s initiatives can have the most significant impact for glass recycling.

  • Addressing gaps in the glass recycling supply chain through localized and targeted audiences
  • Increasing glass recycling access and cullet used for recycled glass applications

GRF also seeks opportunities to partner with funding organizations to maximize the foundation’s funding efforts and it recognizes the value and role of industry-specific expertise in glass recycling intiatives.

Meet the Team…

GRF’s board members represent a variety of glass industry stakeholders, non-profit and educational stakeholders.

Executive Board
Scott DeFife - President
President: Scott DeFife, Glass Packaging Institute
Ron Holmes, Diageo - Treasurer
Treasurer: Ron Holmes, Diageo
Laura Hennemann, Strategic Materials - Treasurer
Secretary: Laura Hennemann, Strategic Materials
Board Members
Jim Nordmeyer, O-I - GRF Member
GRF Member: Jim Nordmeyer, Owens-Illinois
Lynn Bragg
GRF Member: Lynn Bragg
Patrick Grasso, Urban Mining NE - GRF Member
GRF Member: Patrick Grasso, Urban Mining NE
Mary Ann Remolador, NERC - GRF Member
GRF Member: Mary Ann Remolador, NERC
Jennifer Cumbee
GRF Member: Jennifer Cumbee, Ardagh Group
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