Grant Opportunities

Grant Program Goal

The Glass Recycling Foundation’s grant program is intended to increase glass recovery and diversion from landfills, and to connect glass generators with end-markets.

Eligible Grantees

  • Nonprofit entities
  • Municipal, county, city, and state governments
  • Glass Collectors, Material Recovery Facilities, Beneficiators, and Manufacturers

Eligible Projects

The two categories of projects allowed under the grant program are demonstration/pilot projects and education.

1. Demonstration/Pilot Projects

Should address specific gaps in the glass recycling supply chain and provide alternative strategies strengthening glass end markets. 

 Examples of potential projects:

  • Equipment for Cleaning Recycled Glass
  • Collection Containers for Glass Drop-offs
  • Setting up Regional Strategies for Building Collection & Storage Infrastructure for Recycled Glass
2. Education Projects 

The projects need to present a clear message and strategy for educating the public about the environmental and community benefits of recycling glass and improving the quality of diverted materials from residents.

Examples of potential projects:

  • Developing and presenting trainings about more effective glass collection and recycling practices
  • Writing and disseminating case studies and guidance documents about the best management practices for effective glass collection and recycling practices
  • Developing signage for residential glass recycling drop offs
  • Developing and disseminating ads and announcements about glass recycling